Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Beginning

Well here it is my own personal blog.  I've only been a blogger for the past 4 months.  I began a blog for my husband.  You see he was diagnosed with cancer back in April 2010 and I wanted an easy way for our friends and family to stay up to speed with his progress.  He is doing great by the way and through sharing the tragic and terrifying and even amazing journey of cancer with 85 people, I discovered that I have an absolute love of sharing what is in my heart through the written word.

I kept asking my husband, "What am I going to write about when your done with cancer?"  And he kept saying over and over again "Your nutrition!"  And since I have a bad habit of pushing away that which I truly love, I ignored him over and over again.  Until this evening when I found the blog of a fellow lover of nutrition and food and I felt this energy rise up in my body, this irritation that once again I wasn't doing what I wanted to do.

So here I am, taking another step forward in my own journey in life.  And let me tell you it has been an amazing one.  Yes, I am a foodie to the extreme.  I have quite the history with food.  I just began school last week at Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  And my journey to get myself to this school has been one wild ride!  One of which would fill the pages of a novel. 

This blog will definitely evolve as I write.  I don't know what half the buttons are on this page or how to download anything yet.  I still don't understand what an RSS feed is.  But I am a fantastic learner so I'm sure I will figure it all out, just like I'll figure out what it is that I'm here to share with this blog.

I call myself the Kitchen Witch.  I am a lover of food and the art that can be created with food.  My whole life revolves around food.   It is my meditation, my medicine, and my magick.   Welcome to my journey.


  1. YAY - Congratulations Kristi! I am so excited to be taking this journey with you and I cannot wait to see where it leads.

  2. Right on Kristi! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! You're going to do great, you can't do anything otherwise when you're persuing something you love!

    My blog has evolved a lot too since I started it. I like where it's at, and where it'll go because it changes as I change... and I'm ok with that, infact, I LOVE that!

    I'm sure you're going to find a lot of like minded people who share your interests here in blogland. Make sure to visit and COMMENT on other folks blogs, that's the surest way to make friends, just like on the playground at school, the more you play, the more friends you make!
    Congratulations on your blog and chasing your dreams!!

  3. woot woot!!!! yaya!!! so excited to see this!! awesome adventures await!!! hugs to you my dear friend!

  4. Awesome, Kristi! I can't wait to learn with you and from you. It's going to be an exciting adventure! :)