Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss and Vicoden

Last Friday I left for a mini-vacation to the Placer/Nevada County area of California.  I packed my laptop with the intention of finding a little cafe or coffee house that offered wifi so as to get my newsletter out on time.  I did not have the intention of getting in a car accident, but the winding slick roads of highway 49 and the pouring rain had other intentions for me.  So instead of sitting in that cafe connected to local internet writing to you about pomegranates, I spent that time lying in bed, eating Dark Chocolate Coconut Bliss and popping Ibuprofen.

What?  You say you've never heard of Coconut Bliss?  Oh my, let me tell you about this delectable treat.  Several years ago, I managed an organic food coop here in my little town.  And one fine day I ran across this  frozen dessert while perusing the latest catalog for my coop.  I absolutely had to order a case and lo and behold the answer to my search for a delicious non-dairy ice cream was soon sitting on a pallet in my garage.  I was absolutely tickled pink to find an ice cream that was so simple in its ingredients:  organic coconut milk, organic agave syrup, organic fair trade cocoa, and organic vanilla extract.  I'm quite sure the angels were singing Hallelujah, because I certainly was!

After the organic coop shut down, I was left bereft without my Coconut Bliss.  I had to search far and wide, drive mile after mile and walk uphill both ways in the snow to find a store that sold my favorite treat.  It didn't take long for Luna & Larry, the founders of Coconut Bliss to penetrate the market and soon my local Raley's was stocking the freezer aisle with pint after pint of coconut love.

To this day my Coconut Bliss is always there to get me through the most harrowing of life's circumstances.  The abrasion across my chest from the seatbelt is still raw and a little sore, but healing nicely.  I can now take a deep breath without feeling pain in my chest, but laughing still hurts and sneezing is excruciating!  The truck unfortunately was not as lucky as I and I don't think Coconut Bliss will fix the radiator and the fender and the hood and the grill and the passenger door that are pretty well smashed from slamming into the moutain, but I am pretty sure the ER doctor wrote me a prescription for Coconut Bliss, or maybe that was Vicoden.

Wishing You Dark Chocolate Love,


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