Thursday, September 8, 2011

Conquering Cravings AKA no more Fight Club AKA Brad Pitt Won't Save You

Whose in control?  You or the food?  Do you feel like every meal is a date with Fight Club and your destructive cravings are the contending heavyweights? Do loaves of french bread challenge you to a duel?  Do cookies taunt you while donuts keep the stats?  Do mocha frapps leave you powerless and bowls of pasta make your knees buckle?

Are you losing the battle?  Are you tired of feeling like the forever failure?  Are you embarassed by your lack of willpower and stamina?  When will you finally wear the champion belt . . . err stilettos?

How about this coming September?  I challenge you to look your contender in the eyes and join me along with 7 other women for an adventure that will conquer the addictions and leave you the Heroine of your own life.   I can't promise a visit from Brad Pitt, but I can promise a chance at VICTORY over cravings and addictions.

It's time to put your crown on girlfriend,


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Love What You See in the Mirror 
It's time to feel in control!

This program is only available for 8 fabulous women who:

  • want MORE out of life
  • are dying to LOVE themselves and the food they eat
  • want to feel FANTASTIC
  • are sacrificing their DESIRES to others
  • want to look AMAZING
  • are stuck and wanting to break FREE
  • want deep and lasting CHANGE
"I'm happy to say that during those six months with Kristi, I lost 30 pounds, stayed off blood pressure meds, and cut my diabetes meds in half! I'm also finding, thanks to her, that I do have more choices (in food AND in life!) than I'd imagined. I can't recommend Kristi and her services enough!"
~ Jennifer Schildknecht, Danielsville GA

 Now is the time to write your own recipe of your perfection and LOVE what you see in the mirror! 

Click HERE for all the info you need to know

okay so I had to post a little eye candy ~ I don't hear you complaining!
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Kristi Hyllen, CNC CHHC AADP is a recovering sugar addict who loves to share her passion for eating good food without the pain of dieting.  As a health coach she has helped women get back into their skinny jeans, eat chocolate without guilt and love what they see in the mirror.  Learn more about scheduling a one-on-one private empowerment session HERE.  You can read more about Kristi and the work she does by visiting

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