Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shopping the Farmers Market Like a Diva

I recently took a trip to Lodi to visit the thriving Farmers Market that has spread itself down School Street and become quite the Thursday night event for the locals.  Block after block of pop-up tents covering tables overflowing with tomates, zucchini, basil, flowers, bell peppers, peaches, onions.  The smells of smoked sausage wafting through the air from local food vendors tempting my belly and making my mouth water.  Local crafters catching my eye with twinkling homemade jewels and trinkets.  The sound of guitars strumming and drumsticks drumming over clinking glasses and happy laughter emanating from the  beer garden.

Navigating the Lodi Farmers Market takes skill and finesse.  Come with rolling cart and re-usable bags.  Come with cold hard cash and a grocery list.  Come with time on your hand and inpiration in your mind.  This is no evening to rush.  It is an evening to savor, enjoy the throngs of people, walk slowly, feel the energy in the air, and get your shop on.  It is an experience ~ one that will bring you back again and again.  Especially when you arrive home and pour out your treasures onto the kitchen table and feel amazed by how much food you recieved for a mere $40!

And speaking of feeling amazed, my Love What You See in the Mirror program is open for registration!  And just like the farmers market, you'll be amazed at the treasures you will recieve in this life-changing, self-loving program! 
So I'll be at the Lodi Farmers Market again this coming Thursday night, won't you join me?

With Love and Lots of Veggies,


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 Love What You See in the Mirror Isn't it time you enjoyed every morsel you eat instead of feeling guilty? 

This program is only available for 8 fabulous women who:

  • want MORE out of life
  • are dying to LOVE themselves and the food they eat
  • want to feel FANTASTIC
  • are sacrificing their DESIRES to others
  • want to look AMAZING
  • are stuck and wanting to break FREE
  • want deep and lasting CHANGE
"Kristi is a wise and witty, down-to-earth, warm and compassionate, "real" person!  She stuck with me through some really rough times, always gently encouraging, but holding me accountable as well, and always leaving me feeling good about myself and my capabilities."

~ Jennifer Schildknecht, Danielsville GA

 Now is the time to write your own recipe of your perfection and LOVE what you see in the mirror! 

Click HERE for all the info you need to know!
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Kristi Hyllen, CNC CHHC AADP is a recovering sugar addict who loves to share her passion for eating good food without the pain of dieting.  As a health coach she has helped women get back into their skinny jeans, eat chocolate without guilt and love what they see in the mirror.  Learn more about scheduling a one-on-one private empowerment session HERE.  You can read more about Kristi and the work she does by visiting

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